The Otherside Of Okonjo-Iweala Most Nigerians Didn’t know! See Videos!


Ngozi was raised by her grandmother because her parents were studying abroad and when she was finally reunited with them,she never wanted to let go again.

Little Ngozi always craved her father’s attention and this led to a remarkable coincidence which shaped and changed her life!

Iweala was a lecturer at the University of Ibadan, a mathematical economist who was working on a paper and didn’t want to be disturbed but the little girl would have none of that stuff.

To keep the little girl at bay so he could concentrate,he picked up a book off his shelf and gave his daughter to read and memorize the first chapter because he would ask her questions later.
Glad she finally got her daddy’s attention,the little girl took the book and happily ran off to savour its contents.

It turned out to be a boring book in “Economics” which she never enjoyed but she did read it and promised herself that she will never study Economics as a course.

A life of coincidence,you would say.

A few years later at the age of 18, after she had already passed her entrance examinations to Cambridge and Harvard Universities with Cambridge being her main choice,the girl preferred
Cambridge because she wanted to study “Geography while her godmother was lobbying for her to come to Cambridge but something happened, her mother had just gained admission to Boston to study for her Ph.D. and as a teenager, it will be best she stays with her mother.

Okonjo-Iweala, the metamorphosis.

So,she had to proceed to “Harvard which is in Boston to be close to her mum.

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So, destiny and coincidence again continued playing games on her.

At Harvard,she found out that the school didn’t offer her core subject, “Geography” and the only subject close to it which she could make do with was almighty “Economics”.

So, she studied Economics, a subject she swore never to study and it was not her first choice of course.

Forbes called her the “Accidental Economist” just as God,the Maker and mender of men was gradually but steadily pushing her towards her destiny.

And today, because of Economics, she is a former Managing Director of the World Bank,first female Minister of Finance,Euromoney Global Finance Minister and now world’s first female and first African Director General of the World Trade Organization (WTO).

Education is the bedrock of civilization which unlocks doors of great opportunities.

So, give your children quality education not minding whether they are are boys or girls.

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