See What Alleged Killer Of Super TV Smoked Before The Act… Side Effects!

Chidinma Ojukwu,the suspect In-Chief in the gruesome murder of the late Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Super TV, Michael Ataga, had told Nigerian Police authorities and Journalists in a trending video that she and her alledged lover smoked “SK” and “Loud” before she stabbed him to death when she was ostensibly under the influence of the said drugs.


We therefore bring to our esteemed readers what “SK” and “Loud” stand for and their side effects when consumed.


“SK” is an acronym for Skunk. Skunk is what some street guys call the elder brother of Indian hemp. It is stronger and more expensive in the street. Skunk is made by mixing weeds, some little cocaine and dried leaves.

It has become a fad for youths including young girls to indulge in smoking “SK” because it proves their streetness and ability to whether the storms therein albeit deceptively.

They claim it is meant for the strong and not usual hemp smokers.
It’s relative availability and cheap price makes it a must taste for these youngsters who could buy same at N100 a wrap.

Effects Of SK On Smokers.

The side effects of SK are similar to those of hemp.
Users of skunk experience loss of coordination and distortions in the sense of time, vision and hearing, sleepiness, reddening of the eyes, increased appetite and relaxed muscles.

It can also speed up heart beat. It is said that in the first hour of smoking ‘SK’ , a user’s risk of a heart attack could increase up to fivefold. For a student who takes SK, academic performance is reduced through impaired memory and lessened ability to solve problems.

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Long-term Usage of Skunk Could Cause:

•Psychotic symptoms

•Lung and the heart complications.

•Acute bronchitis
• Coughing and wheezing.

•Lessons ability of the body to fight diseases and infections.


‘Loud’ is a slang term used to describe marijuana having a strong odour.

Loud is seen by those who frequently use it as as being higher in quality than marijuana because it creates a faster and stronger effect on users than regular weed.

‘Loud’ can also be a particular strain of marijuana which comes from a specific breed of the marijuana plant and is one of the most expensive strains of marijuana available in the street market.

The origin of the term “loud weed” is unclear but some people believe the term is another way of saying that marijuana is strong in a measurable way like noise would be.

The odour of loud is so strong that sometimes someone opening a bag of it will involuntarily throw his/her head back or withdraw when hit with the odor.

Other slang terms that are associated with loud weed include “dank”  and “fire”. The strength of loud weed is referred to as the weed’s loudness.

Side Effects.

Those who take loud experience panic or unpleasant sensory experiences. This is the reason , ‘loud weed’ is typically used more by those who are used to taking weed and have built up a tolerance to its main active ingredient which is tetrahydrocannabinol (THC).


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Drug picture credit:Operanews.

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