Primaries: ‘Don’t Turn Our Streets To Battle Grounds’- APC Cautions Rivers PDP!

Reactions are now trailing Thursday’s twin explosions that rocked the Secretariat of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) in Rivers State, venue of its Councillorship Primaries with the All Progressives Congress (APC), in the State calling for a cessation of hostilities from the dramatis personae.

A loud bang accompanied by a pall of smoke had emanated from a Sports Utility Vehicle (SUV) laden with explosives suspected to be dynamites which was carefully parked in front of the complex.

Party faithful who had gathered at the facility (including pedestrians and commutters) which is located along the ever busy Leventis Bus Stop Area of Aba Road in Port-Harcourt,the State capital,scampared to safety following the massive explosions.

The APC in a statement entilled “Stop the violence on the streets” signed by its Spokesperson, Chief Ogbonna Nwuke, attributed the spate of violence that rocked the Primaries to the violent nature of and high-handedness of the leadership of the PDP in Rivers State which he said, has proved that the Party has always been responsible for electoral disturbances in the State.

Chief Nwuke said the level of violence on the streets on account of the PDP has left many rational Rivers people in shock.

The statement read:
“We understand the angry reaction that the high handedness of the leadership of the PDP has caused the people of Rivers State and the PDP membership in particular.

“PDP members are tired of the brazen use of power and the demonic imposition of candidates which has taken over the years. It is on record that the rights of party members to elect state officials of the PDP was snatched from them through congresses held last year that were not properly organized. ”

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“The latest attempt is even more brazen. We are  aware that the PDP in the most despecable manner issued one nomination form in each of the wards across the State,  and also anointed those who would be fielded by it. This explains why angry party members have attacked the PDP State Secretariat.”

“The extent of the violence that has been recorded, the broken heads and broken limbs that we have heard about, show how deadly the quest for power in the PDP has become.”

“It is clear that the APC has never been and will never be responsible for the violence, bloodshed, arson, assault and battery that has been linked to Rivers politics.”

“All said, we call on the Wike administration and the leadership of the PDP in the State  to take immediate steps to restore law and order among its rank and file. The lives of Rivers people who have every right to go about their businesses matter. We demand that the Rivers State Government must wake up and ensure that these people who are not politicians are adequately protected.”

“Finally, what we are witnessing in this State is an attempt by stressed PDP members to resist godfatherism, challenge widespread nepotism and fight the excessive abuse of power.”

“If the PDP believes in internal democracy, we challenge its leadership in the State to throw the door open to all. Similarly,  if the PDP believes that the candidates it has hand picked are the best for the council elections, let them run against others in primaries that are free and fair.”

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“Rivers people are tired of leaders who say one thing in public and do another. For how long shall these leaders continue to deceive themselves and the people? PDP members who are reacting can see through the catalogue of lies that they have been told them. Soon, Rivers people would have the opportunity of sitting in judgment over these set of lairs through their votes.”

Analysts who spoke with our correspondent said the trend was portentous and called on politicians to stop causing panic and breaching the security of the State.

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