Democracy:The Rivers Example -A Night Of Tribute!

By Oby Ndukwe.

The streets were calm
The Emperor had quaked
The Police having a field day
While the voters sat back at home
Playing games
It was a day of elections
Democracy redefined
Government of the PDP for the PDP by the PDP

The umpire ready to decide
The Electoral fate of those he installed
After a terrible assault on the main opposition
His gavel had banded hard
On Rivers APC
And so it was
That he was promoted
To complete the job
Of annihilating APC
Though the Apex Court saved the day
Albeit too late to be counted

It was a test run
For the lone ranger
The ruling PDP
Yet was rattled once again
By lesser parties
It was a test of strength
And a waste of resources
As the people refused to line up
Leaving empty ballots
For the partial umpire
To fill up the blank spaces

Though the winner is known
In a contest that was a conquest
Not through the ballots
But the use of the Courts

Through it all
The Will of the people prevailed
No one queued up
No one wanted to die
Democrazy enthroned
As nothing new happened

The chickens have come home to roost
The centre no longer holds
Even as stakeholders stayed away
Aso Rock kept mute
The Judiciary said yes
And the Emperor had his way
But not without a fall
As the people refused to vote!
These are the signs of what is to come!
Rejection of the Emperor in spite of his deep pockets!

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•Oby Ndukwe is a Port-Harcourt- based Journalist and Public Affairs Analyst.She is the Convener of Citizens Quest-a Pro Development Advocacy Group in Nigeria.

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