‘Asking An Ambassador To Name Projects He Attracted Smacks Of A Primitive, Unenlightened Mind-set’-APC Chieftain To Gov.Wike!

… Governor Wike.

For me, it is wrong to expect people to ‘attract’ things outside of their area of duty. This is why our people get distracted unnecessarily and even get embroiled in corruption. For example, we vote people to the state and national assemblies and at the end of the day instead of asking them to account for the laws they made or helped to make to better our lot, we rather ask them to show us the projects they attracted and all that. We seem to be our own enemies.

On the matter of H.E.Oji Ngofa, he is right to fault the Governor’s attack. It is bewildering that a gyovernor should ask a past Ambassador to name projects he attracted to his area or state. At the least, it smacks of primitive, timid and unenlightened mind-set of the worst kind in the 21st Century. It is manifestly shameful!

Come to think of it, how is an Ambassador supposed to attract things to his area? The much any sane mind will request from an ambassador should be how many diplomatic goals did he or she score for Nigeria? How many diplomatic conflicts did such an ambassador resolve between Nigeria and the host country he/she served? How did he/she help in bettering the relations between both countries? How well did he/she improve the consular services of Nigeria’s Embassy/High Commission he/she served? By that I mean how did he/she improve issuance of passports, etc? If the Governor wanted to play politics or throw political jabs at H.E Oji Ngofa he should have raised issues when the man served as 2-term Council Chairman in Eleme except if he didn’t find something to say about that. There’s no law against saying nothing against opponents at a commissioning.

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…Chris Finebone.

Ambassador Oji Ngofa had reacted thus:

“I watched with amazement on Channels Television remarks made about my person today 18th June 2021 by the Governor of Rivers State, Chief E.N Wike, at the commissioning of a poorly constructed Community Secondary School in Eteo, Eleme Local Government Area, where he accused me of intimidating opposition in my LGA and lampooned my appointment as an Ambassador of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

I am scandalised that the Governor of Rivers State demonstrates such crass display of unenligntenment about the work of an Ambassador; Gov. Wike believes that every political appointment must give access to his well known voracious appetite for money and covertiousness. I am not surprised that his mediocre performance as Governor is a reflection of his lack of knowledge and adequate information on Good Governance. He revels in mediocrity and infantile populism. Eleme people are wiser than Wike thinks and we do not tolerate empty polical hubris. He would have assessed me by my performance as the longest serving Local Government Chairman of Eleme LGA, and not as an Ambassador which clearly is beyond his comprehension.
Eleme is the bastion of APC in Rivers State and no amount of political chicanery can change that. I will strongly advise the Governor to read up on subject matters he does not understand, before making public utterances.
His poor grasp of issues is unbecoming of Governor of a sophisticated place like Rivers State”

HE. Oji Ngofa (Amb.)

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